Terry Cadle - Alert Dog Trainer

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Terry Cadle - College Station, TX, USA

Diabetes Alert Dog Training for:

The Cadle's have been professional dog trainers for the last 28 years. Terry with the help of his wife Nancy and 3 sons work hand in hand. Through the years we have had many success and have made countless friends along the way, but nothing has been as rewarding and self-gratifying as helping people with Diabetes. We started doing DADS because of a family friend. Their daughter was diagnosed with type 1 and they needed some help. This was the turning point of our career. We now take in a small number of dogs for training and we do it in a home environment at a reasonable cost.

  • 28 Year Exp. In Dog Training

  • 8 Years Apprenticing

  • Animal Behavioral Specialist

  • Large Number of Titled Dogs

  • Given Countless Seminars

  • Problem Solver

  • Developed New Methods of Training

Website: www.riversedgeda.com/
Email: cadle6@verizon.net

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