Sarah Keck - Alert Dog Trainer

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Sarah Keck - Issaquah, WA, USATrained one or more working DADs

Diabetes Alert Dog Training for:

Family pet dog trainer specializing in enthusiastic, practical training methods for your pet. My work includes everything from puppy socialization classes through Behavior Modification work with aggressive dogs. Prior to my work at Riverdog, I was the lead canine handler at 'Paws for Health' - a company specializing in mold detection by use of a dog. I have worked with Pierce County Search and Rescue, competed in competition obedience and continue to learn more about the sport of Nosework and other detection training. Three years ago I became a 'Certified Pet Dog Trainer' with the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and continue to be a full member of the organization. I am a 'Canine Good Citizen' evaluator and am a certified Therapy Dog team with 'K9 to 5 - National Therapy Dog Registry'.

Phone: 425-427-5958

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