Lori Grigg - Alert Dog Trainer

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Lori Grigg - Fenton, MI, USA

Diabetes Alert Dog Training for:

We founded Paradise Dog Training over 25 years ago concentrating on teaching basic obedience classes & private lessons. In 2009 we expanded our training to include Assistance, Hearing & Therapy dogs utilizing Lori's 25 years' experience in the Service Dog Industry. Since then we have successfully placed over 25 dogs with various clients including Diabetic response dogs and dogs for children with Autism. We train Assistance dogs for different types of disabilities other than visually impaired.

PDT is also one of the first in the Nation to place Therapy dogs in facilities such as schools and hospitals where the facility actually owns the dogs. We assist in training the volunteer handlers & help set up the program. One of our most successful programs has been placing seven Therapy dogs in The St. John Providence Health Care System. If you have been to a St. John Providence Health Care Facility you have probably met one of our dogs. We are also working with Henry the Black Lab and have placed their second Therapy Dog Benson at Henry Ford Hospital in West Bloomfield.

In 2010 we started training scent detection dogs to locate bed bugs to fulfill a need culminating from the bed bug epidemic. We have placed numerous scent detection dogs with several different pest control companies. We also have our own bed bug dogs Ditto, Cross Eyed Willy and Rudy to perform inspections ourselves.

Website: www.paradise-dogtraining.com
Email: lgrigg@paradise-dogtraining.com
Phone: (810) 714-4861

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