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Jennifer Cattet & As - Indianapolis, IN, USATrained one or more working DADs

Diabetes Alert Dog Training for:

Jennifer Cattet Ph.D. has been working with dogs for the past 30 years as a scientist, a dog behaviorist and a trainer for both pet dogs and service dogs. She lived and worked in Europe where she completed her doctorate in Psychology and Ethology (animal behavior science) at the University of Geneva Switzerland. She is also the author of an award winning book on dog behavior and a clicker training DVD in french.

Back in the US, she worked for many years as the director of training for a service dog organization and oversaw the training of the dogs in 5 different Indiana prisons. Today, she's the owner of Medical Mutts and specializes in training rescue dogs as service dogs for conditions such as diabetes, seizures, PTSD, autism and more. She's also involved in research on the ability of dogs to detect changes in glucose levels in diabetes patients.

Jennifer has written close to 100 blogs on dog behavior and training, some of which can be found at


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