Jeanne Kemper - Alert Dog Trainer

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Jeanne Kemper - Kennesaw, GA, USATrained one or more working DADs

Diabetes Alert Dog Training for: GA

I have had Labrador Retrievers for 35 years. In the beginning I started with pets and moved on to obedience training, Rally, and Agility. Most recently, in 2010, I purchased my first English Lab as a Diabetic Alert Dog. I worked diligently to mold her into what a good working alert dog should be. She has been a lifesaver in more ways than one.

Since training my Abie girl, I have trained two additional working Diabetic Alert Dogs. I currently have two in training. I currently teach beginner obedience classes and Agility Classes. At the end of each eight-week class session, each of the puppies in my class take the CGC test and I have a 95 % passing rate.

I not only train Labradors as DAD's, I train in competition Obedience and Agility. I have multiple titles in both Obedience and Agility. I am currently working towards my MACH with Abie, my working girl. I also make sure that DAD I train get their CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and CD (Companion Dog) titles prior to them being placed.

Phone: 678-427-1162

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