Becky Causey - Alert Dog Trainer

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Becky Causey - Charles Town, WV, USATrained one or more working DADs

Diabetes Alert Dog Training for: DC, DE, FL, MD, ME, NJ, OH, PA, VA, VT, WV

As the mother of a type one diabetic son, Becky has a deep personal understanding of the challenges of life with type one diabetes, and a passion for training dogs to help type one diabetics.She has trained many successful working DADs, and believes that working with a DAD can greatly improve the life of a type one diabetic and the family.Becky is an instructor for dog trainers who want to learn to train DADs, a member of the Diabetes Alert Dog Alliance Board of Directors, and is active in JDRF and several local type one groups.She has been breeding and training dogs for over 20 years, and serves the DC metropolitan area as well as WV and portions of DE, PA and NJ.

Phone: 304-260-8294

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